Return and Refund Policy: If you make a purchase and would like to return, exchange or refund your order up to 14 days of your purchase date we will refund your order excluding shipping fees. Once we receive the return item we will issue your refund or exchange.

1. Shipping Time Frame

  • First-Class Package-Delivery in 1 to 5 business days
  • Priority Mail-Delivery in 1 to 3 business days

2. Have not received package

We work closely with USPS to provide the lowest shipping cost compared to our competitor. This being said we are not responsible for lost, stolen, and delayed delivery on your FIRST CLASS SHIPPING order please contact your local Unites States Postal office with your tracking number to help. If your shipping selection was PRIORITY MAIL please email us to help locate your package.

3. When I open up my package I smell and see ammonia leaked out?

  • Due to temperature fluctuation during shipping and the chemical Aquatic Ammonia wanting to change from a liquid to a gas trys to escape out of the bottle causing leaking. Your bottle is still good do not be alarmed by the amount of liquid you see in your bag.

4. Apparel Return: I received the wrong size tee? We will send you a return label to mail back the wrong size tee, once we receive the shirt back in or inventory we will ship out the correct size.

4. What are the side effects of Psycho? It might irritate your sinuses and you can develop a tolerance after repetitive use.

5. Do you wholesale? We currently do not wholesale, and vendors can not resale our products.

6. Can I purchase Psycho products in stores or my gym? Psycho can only be purchased online.

7. Product shipped to wrong address? We do not change any information that you enter when placing your order. That being said review your order before submitting your order. We will not replace your order for your error during purchase.